Frequently asked questions

What is DICOM?

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging. DICOM files are similar to digital photo formats, but they include extra data like Patient information, examination info etc. Special viewing software is required to view DICOM files and display them correctly. Dicom readers like provide free online viewing.

Can I use this to view my X-Ray/MRI/CT scans?

Yes! is our free tool to view any DICOM image or study/series of images. DicomShare is our paid service, which allows you to share these images with anyone at any time.

Is this a subscription or one-time payment?

This is a one-time payment. There is no lock in, you can pay for just what you need. You can try out the free service for 7 days to see if it provides you value.

I have many DICOM studies I would like to share. Is that allowed?

Of course! You can share as many studies/images as you need, depending on your membership tier. Each upload is stored and available for sharing or private viewing. Please review the terms and conditions for each paid plan to determine the usage limits.

Can I create password protected links to share?

When you generate a public share link, a unique random URL is created. Anyone in possession of this link or QR Code can view the images from anywhere. You can revert this link to private mode at any time. This makes it trivial to quickly share a study and then turn off sharing as required. More advanced sharing including Email, SMS & WhatsApp based messaging, with secure one time pass codes and link expiry is coming soon.

Can I create empty links to give to family/friends for them to upload images to my account?

This is coming very soon. You will be able to generate a quick share folder, with a link/qr code. This link can then be given to anyone with internet access and they can upload images to your account without the need for themselves to sign up or have an account.

What is the difference between and DicomShare? is our free image viewer. You can open and view DICOM images from your local PC,CDROM etc.. and use the advanced viewer to review studies, series and images for all DICOM Modalities (XR/CT/MR/US etc.).

DicomShare is our cloud service which provides global sharing of dicom studies with super easy upload and management. We have a feature packed roadmap to improve and continually add features to benefit both Patients and Medical Professionals.

Can I use this for Radiology Reporting or Clinical/Diagnostic Purposes?

No. DicomViewer and DicomShare are not certified in any region for Clinical/Diagnostic Use. This product is meant for research, teaching and personal use only. It is the users' responsibility to ensure compliance with any applicable rules and regulations.

Do you store my personal or patient information from Dicom Images?

No. We apply a full DICOM Anonymization process to every single image before it is uploaded. This happens in your browser before any image leaves your computer. All patient data, demographics, personal information etc. are stripped from each Dicom file when processed.
The de-identification process currently applies the DICOM NEMA Application Level Confidentiality Profile.

We do request that you refrain from uploading images that may have 'burnt in' demographics. This is common on Ultrasound imaging. The de-identification process cannot clear this data.

Note: For billing and admin purposes we store the email address you provide when signing up to the service.

What technology is this built on? is built on the amazing open source work of the Open Health Imaging Foundation.
DicomShare is built on a proprietary, custom stack using .NET, Javascript and Cloud services to provide a robust, secure modern architecture. We use a custom built pipeline to handle processing and managing millions of DICOM images as fast as possible. We are working to improve the performance and capabilities of this system every day.

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